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As a copywriter who has worked on product descriptions for major ecommerce brands, I’ve learned some useful tips for writing descriptions that sell. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your product pages, here is some advice on how to write compelling copy that connects with customers.

Know Your Customer

The first step is getting to know your target audience. Consider details like their demographics, values, frustrations and goals. Then you can craft messaging that truly resonates. For example, what income do they have? What are their priorities? What will your product bring to their life? Keep this customer profile in mind as you write.

Provide Plenty of Detail

You can never give too much detail on a product page. Customers want all the info to make an informed purchase. Be sure to include measurements, different angles/photos, color options, etc. The more customers know, the more confident they’ll feel to buy.

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Sell the Lifestyle

Don’t just describe functional product features. Paint a picture of how your product fits into customers’ lifestyles. For example, describe sitting in a comfortable chair to unwind after work or lighting a relaxing candle in the bedroom. Help them imagine the benefits.

Structure Levels of Detail

Write descriptions in tiers ranging from basic features to detailed lifestyle benefits. Start with just the facts like color and materials. Build up to painting an emotional, sensory experience of owning that item.

Remove Roadblocks

Look at your page from the customer’s eyes. Have you answered all their questions? Addressed potential obstacles? The easier you make the experience, the more likely the sale.

Use Comparisons

If a product has an unusual feature, compare it to something more mainstream that customers already know. This helps them categorize something unfamiliar.

In Conclusion

When writing compelling product descriptions the goal is always to educate and connect with customers to guide them to that final purchase.

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Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence is a multi passionate creative and she splits her time between a copywriting day job, running her homeware brand, Honey Bee Home and her most recent venture, Styled By Melissa, an upcycling furniture studio where Melissa gives homeware a new lease of life and also hosts creative workshops.