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I’ve made some changes to how I run my business this year.  The biggest one for me, personally and professionally is that I’m no longer working in the mornings (before the kids get up).

I know I was banging on about how great an idea this is, not so long ago, but my situation has changed and it doesn’t work for me anymore.  It was only ever intended to be a temporary measure, while I had no childcare over the Summer.  Who knows, I might start up again when July 2018 rolls around!

What happened last Summer

So last year, during the school holidays, I got up at 5.30 every morning and worked for at least an hour.  That worked for me.  I felt productive and happy.  (Generally I feel happy when I feel productive!)

Towards the end of the year, it stopped feeling good – so I took a lesson from my own book and stopped doing it.  It wasn’t deliberate or pre-meditated.  I took some time off for Christmas and during the holidays I wasn’t doing much work, but my body was accustomed to getting up early.  So I’d get up and rather than switch the laptop on I’d make some coffee, do my Spanish lesson and read a little.

I then found I had more time, so I started journaling (thanks to my Mum for this great gift!and meditating too. It made me feel happy, so I’ve decided this is how I’ll carry on – for now at least.

Five minute journal

 The benefits (for me, my family and business)

I weirdly find that I’m more productive, as I have to be much better at prioritising now I’m ‘losing’ a few hours a week (I’m pretty sure I make them up during the evenings though!)  For the past few weeks I’ve finished everything on my to-do list – which is unheard of.

I feel less stressed.  This might be the meditation, or it might be that I’m starting the day doing something for myself. I feel grateful for that, so if one of the kids interrupts, by getting up a little early, I don’t resent it at all.  I did however, often find myself feeling annoyed if they interrupted me doing some work.  I know that’s not reasonable, but that’s how it was.

I also feel I’m more present during the day, as there’s nothing hanging over me. No unfinished business, emails left in draft-form, etc.  I don’t will naptime to come around sooner, so I can get back to whatever I started that morning.  

Am I getting more done?  Probably not.  But I’m certainly not achieving any less and I’m being really tactical about what has to be done each day and week, rather than what could I do / would I like to do.  This means the most pressing things (which are often the ones I’d like to avoid) get done.

I still don’t follow the whole Miracle Morning routine (although I am getting closer!)

What do you think?  Have you made any big changes to your life or business this year?

Headspace app screenshot

Loving my Headspace