Buy my new book – ‘Bring Your Product Idea to Life’

I am finally writing the post I’ve been waiting to write. The swaddles have been booked in at Amazon and are ready to buy. In fact, if you like, you can buy a box here right now.

(Actually only 498 of them are available as two are ‘warehouse damaged’, so you’d better get in quick if you want one!)

I’ve been waiting so long for this, and the past few weeks have been so tough, that it feels like there should be a huge celebration with fireworks, champagne and a live band.  The actual celebrations looked like this:

I can’t even bring myself to work out just how late they are (at the moment), but I do intend to look into shipping myself for the next order, as I’m convinced there must be a better way.

So anyway, they’re here.  Now I just need to sell them!

Happy Friday everyone! x

P.S.  Please check out Facebook for details of our competition, if you haven’t seen it already.