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Remember how, right at the beginning, I said I started up this business after listening to a podcast about passive income? Well, this week I made my first steps towards generating some!

I’ve been away for the past week and haven’t been working.  (Apart from looking after two kids, one of whom has been ill the entire time, which is much harder work than trying to sell swaddles.)  I took my laptop with me, but I’m pleased I managed to resist the temptation to switch it on.  Yet, the emails came in (checking on my phone is allowed, right?), confirming I’d had sales and orders were being delivered to (hopefully!) happy customers.  

Obviously I have been working hard up until the point of taking the week off, and the sales I’ve had this week are only a percentage of what I’d like, but it’s a good start.  All my social media and blog posts are scheduled to give the illusion that I’m actually sat here working.  Though I suspect I’m fooling nobody.

Weirdly, half the orders came from Spain.  (I only say weird as my social media channels – my only real marketing right now – are all in English.)  Nice to know tiny chipmunks are popular there though!

Incidentally, did you know the Spanish for Chipmunk is Ardilla?!  That’s a fun, Friday fact!

P.S. My husband just spent a week in Spain.  Is the sudden peak in Spanish sales a coincidence? Or has he been doing some sneaky salesmanship on the side?!  Either way, I’m pleased to be getting orders!

P.P.S. It’ll be a coincidence.  He’s not the salesy type.