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I am not a patient person.  I hate waiting.  I even got frustrated today waiting for my 8-month old to finish her lunch. Patience is definitely not a virtue that I possess.

It’s now been 56 days since I placed an order for 500 boxes of swaddles and they are still not in the warehouse, or even in the UK.  This is driving me barmy.

Good news today though (finally). They’ve been shipped and are on their way!  

So they will be available to buy (on Amazon) in a few weeks and in other places shortly after. I’ll keep you posted on that.

So, what have I been doing while I’ve had all this time on my hands?  Not sitting around waiting (impatiently), as there’s actually been loads to do in the interim…

  • Setting up this blog was one thing.  I do wonder whether I would have got around to it if things had moved faster…
  • I’ve spent time on social media (just Facebook and Twitter so far) getting profiles up and trying to build a following.  Instagram is where it’s at, apparently, so one of my jobs this week is to look into that properly.
  • I got some amazing photos taken.  I’ll do a separate post on that, but you can see an example below.
  • I‘ve been contacting people that I know are pregnant or have young babies to see if anyone would like to try the swaddles and hopefully review them for me. I now need to see if I can find some bloggers who’d like to do the same.
  • I’ve had to get my Amazon listing up and navigate my way around their (frankly, confusing) seller’s area.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few things too. I’m not sure if I’ve been doing enough, or doing the right things, but it’s pretty hard to figure out what to do when you’re in a business that requires you to sell something – when you don’t physically have the product at available to sell. Maybe I’ll spend the next few weeks trying to see if I can generate some pre-orders.

I’m so excited, but also a little nervous as, once again, it feels extremely real.  Now the hard work begins, to get the orders coming in and the swaddles flying off the shelves!

An adorable shot from our first photoshoot

An adorable shot from our first photoshoot