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Some of you may have noticed that these posts are less frequent than they used to be.  This is for two (very honest) reasons:

  1. The more I work, the less time I have to blog.
  2. Sometimes, there just isn’t as much to say.

I’ve been reviewing the original purpose of the blog, which was to share my journey setting up and growing the business in a way that people will hopefully find interesting and be able to learn from.  That still stands.

I think now I’m out of the initial implementation phase and into the day-to-day running, there just isn’t as much to talk about as regularly, without writing for the sake of it (which I don’t think is useful to anyone).

A lof of the things I’m doing now (collaborating with other people, looking at getting stocked in retail outlets, experimenting with marketing) are all longer-term things, that hopefully I’ll be able to provide an update on pretty soon when there’s more to say.

So, essentially, this is a post to explain why there are fewer posts!

I hope you can bear with me as, while less (visible) things are happening right now, as the business grows and sales pick up, there will be some interesting times ahead…  And there will still be at least one post a week – promise!