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If you’ve been thinking about ways to showcase your expertise in your niche, self-publishing on Amazon is a great option. After all, there’s never been a better time in history to get your work out there – platforms like Amazon make publishing so simple and straightforward. 

But self-publishing requires an investment of time and money, so is it worth it? What exactly are the benefits of writing a book and how can it help to grow your business? As you’re about to find out, there are actually quite a few. 

It builds your credibility and influence

Writing a book for your business is a great opportunity to show off your expertise to the fullest, to a targeted niche. And, as a result, you soon become an expert in that niche – think Brene Brown or James Clear. Both of whom have a very thorough understanding of a specialised topic. People want to read and hear from the experts – and pay to work with them.

A book builds trust too. It allows people to dip their toes into working with you. Maybe they’re not ready to make a big investment, so a book is a great starting point. Remember, people only buy from people – and they only buy from people they know/like/trust. Self-publishing a book can invite them into your world and get them to trust you. 

Not only that, writing a book gives you a new level of credibility – you’re seen as a reliable source and decision-maker.

You can reach more people

Books take your expertise to a wider audience, allowing you to share your methods and your message further than you thought possible. Working 1:1 or 1:few only enables you to reach a certain number of people. A book can help you transform people’s lives on a bigger scale. 

More people means more potential clients and leads. People read your book and growth inevitably follows – through direct business with that reader or through recommendations. Business growth from book publication can come in the most unexpected ways. 

Self-publishing a book on Amazon really gives you the ability to help more people achieve their own goals and dreams, or solve problems that are holding them back. Don’t underestimate the impact it can have. Many transformations come about from reading a good book! 

Self publishing on Amazon helps grow your email list 

You know the famous saying – the money’s in the list! It’s true. And a book gets people onto your list – something you own. No one can take it away from you –  unlike social media where you’re on rented land. 

But in order to grow your list, you need a great incentive. 

Books make great lead magnets – sometimes the whole book (if it’s short and sweet) or chapters of a book (if it’s longer). By self-publishing your book, you’re in complete control of this process – you can share as much or as little as you like.

Books are also great as part of your sales funnel as they can be your ‘tripwire’ offer – a small product/service you offer to people immediately after they opt into your freebie. It’s a gentle way for people to get to know you better and purchase something that doesn’t feel like a financial ‘risk’ for them.

Post publications opportunities are vast

People love authors. When you tell people you’ve written a book, they’re always fascinated to find out more – what your book’s about, how you wrote it, why you wrote it etc. You’ll never be short of people who are keen to find out more. 

You’ll also find opportunities for speaking engagements – business books are a great way to get a slot on podcasts, FB lives etc. If you’ve got a book and it’s popular, you’ll find opportunities spring up everywhere. Maybe writing your book will give you a new love of writing and so you can write guest posts and articles within your niche area too. 

Don’t forget! The self-improvement/self-study arena is a multi-billion dollar industry. People want to learn, they want to improve, and they want to read the work of experts. Why not be one of those people they learn from? By self-publishing on Amazon, you’re able to get your book into the hands of people all over the world in a really easy way.

It’s another stream of income

A book can become an important part of your sales funnel. As mentioned above, it helps open doors to new leads/referrals and ultimately clients/customers. When you’re the expert, people want to work with you. 

Royalties from self-publishing on Amazon are also worth considering too. You can get up to 70% of the royalties, compared to just 10% if you follow the traditional publishing route. If you’re regularly marketing and promoting your book, this can begin to consistently add to your revenue. 

Business books can provide other income streams too – from companion courses that go with your book to audiobooks and speaking gigs. 

Self-publishing gives you autonomy

It’s really never been easier to get your book out into the world – self-publishing no longer has a bad reputation. 

As mentioned, the royalties are far better if you opt for self-publishing. Yes, the initial investment is bigger as you have to pay for the editors, cover designers etc. but the benefits often outweigh the costs. You also have greater autonomy over the content of your book and when it’s published. 

You also have the choice as to the type of book you want to publish – e-books, print books, audio versions or even just a simple PDF. You can release as many as you like and even create a series without worrying about pitching each one to a publishing house.

Publishing a book improves your confidence

As well as all the practical and financial benefits of self-publishing a book on Amazon, it can also have a profound impact on your self-confidence and pride. Writing a book is challenging, but by doing it, you prove to yourself that you can do hard things. You can rise to a challenge. 

And when you finish, you’ll feel so very proud of yourself – and rightly so. It will open so many doors for you – providing you with possibilities you never imagined. 

And the best bit? You’ll take that confidence and pride into other aspects of your life and business too – the ripple effect in action.

So what are you waiting for? Why not self-publish your book on Amazon and see where it takes you?

Steph Caswell is a writer, mentor and coach, based in the UK. You can find out more about Steph, and buy her books, via her website.