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I mentioned in my post about listing your product on Amazon that having decent photos is important.  There are guidelines for Amazon photos, that it’s worth knowing about before you get started:

  • The product must fill at least 85% of the image (so not too much blank space) on a white background.
  • You can’t have any props in the photos.
  • Images need to be high-resolution (at least 1000 by 500 pixels), but no bigger than 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
  • You can use JPEG, TIFF or GIFF files.

I’d also recommend getting some photos (even if you take them yourself) of your product’s label / packaging (depending what it is) if you decide you want to apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry, as this is a requirement.

My photos

My lovely friend Emma took photos of the products. That was a fun morning, with two tiny babies rolling all over the swaddles and generally trying to get into the shot (when they weren’t crying, or wanting picking up, or feeding).  Anyway, we got some pretty good photos in the end, despite the box having arrived crumpled (you can see my post about that here) and me not being particularly good at folding or arranging!

Since the swaddles are designed for babies it was also important to get some shots with babies in.  Luckily a friend-of-a-friend had just had a baby and was keen to get involved (as mine, by this point, was too big and wriggly to be wrapped up).  

The photos were taken by the very talented Sarah Hart Photography (who also did my baby’s newborn shoot earlier this year). The photos speak for themselves.  Simply gorgeous.  

Baby Finlay all wrapped up

Baby Finlay on our bamboo leaf print

The swaddles

The swaddles