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Our new towels are here!  I am so excited. Before I get into why I love them, and hope you love them too, I want to tell you a short story about how they came about.

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant with my son (my first child) I went out and brought so much stuff I thought we needed.  Not all of it turned out to be at all practical, useful or necessary.  One thing on my list was baby towels. I brought a pack of three, they were teeny tiny (which looked oh-so cute at the time of purchase!) with a little triangle to cover his head.  They were indeed tiny and he grew out of them within weeks.  (Or so it felt at least!)

I was unimpressed enough, having brought something that was useful for such a short space of time, that I didn’t keep any and when my youngest came along I just used our ordinary bath towels – but then worried that they weren’t soft enough for her delicate newborn skin.

This year, I set out to do something about this – and I’m am so excited to tell you that Tiny Chipmunk’s bamboo hooded towels are now in stock!

Now, this is the bit about why I love them so much

We have carefully selected 580 gsm bamboo fibre making our towel the softest, thickest, fluffiest and cosiest towel around.

The generous size means the towel will fit children from birth to 3-4 years (my 4.5 year old still uses his – see photo evidence below!), making it the perfect bath time companion for years to come.

Child wearing hooded towel

Through the ages…

Of course, the natural qualities of bamboo also make it the very best choice for your baby or child’s skin:  

  • The towels are unbleached and contain no chemicals.  Not being bleached means they are not a bright white, but the wonderful natural benefits of bamboo far outweigh this.
  • Bamboo is odor resistant, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.  The towel can be washed at a low temperature and will still stay fresh for years to come!
  • Our towel absorbs four times more water than cotton, yet remains breathable to prevent overheating.  Your child will stay warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions.  
  • Bamboo provides UV protection against the sun’s harsh rays, making the towel ideal for the pool or beach.  
  • These towels are 70% bamboo with a 30% cotton base for added strength and durability and to reduce the risk of snagging. You still have 100% bamboo pile against your child’s skin.

None of these natural properties are diminished by repeated use or washing, which makes it an investment that can be passed from child to child.  (Although, like my two, you might find they each want their own!)

And finally, look how adorable the chipmunk ears are!

Baby in hooded towel

I love these towels and am really proud of them. I hope you love them as much as I do.

You can get yours, right here.