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2023 was quite a year for the Bring Your Product Idea to Life podcast. 52 episodes published, 38 fantastic guests and an award win!

Just for fun, here’s a run down of the most downloaded episodes of 2023.

Selling to retailers using wholesale platforms – with Em Royston- Chasing Threads

Chasing Threads make stitchable accessories and cross stitch kits for the modern world.

Em has an interesting background, having previously worked for product brand Suck UK. We talked about how this combined with her passion for crafts and travel led her to set up Chasing Threads. Em has has great success selling her products through distributors and wholesale platforms such as Faire.

Working with customers to promote your business – with Charlotte Watts – Made on the Street

Charlotte makes stylish, affordable, sustainable clothing for babies and children. She set up her business in lockdown, teaching herself to sew, and sourcing original fabrics and prints online. 

Charlotte works closely with her customers, which informs the designs and patterns she makes. She also has a really interesting model of encouraging and incentivizing customers to promote her business, and shares some great tips about how to make this work for you. 

Jungle Scout – My favourite tool for selling on Amazon

Something I get asked a lot is what software I use and recommend when working with Amazon.  Over the years I’ve tried a lot – and my favourite is Jungle Scout.  I’ve been using it for years, ever since I first started selling on Amazon and I’m still using it daily to help other Amazon Sellers.

In this episode I explain the features, what I use it for, and whether it might be a good fit for you.

How to create a product to sell (re-release)

I just published my book Bring Your Product Idea to Life: Your step-by-step guide to creating a product to sell. It’s all about how to create your own product, how to go from idea to having the products launched, and all the steps involved.

In this episode I share with you the process I used to create products. It’s packed full of practical advice!

Email Marketing & Klaviyo – with Elle Williamson, The Ecommerce Assistant

Elle helps people build and grow their online businesses with the power of Shopify + Klaviyo to sell more online.

Elle shares what Klaviyo can do, why she is such a big fan of it, and top tips to get the most out of it. We also talk about email marketing in general – why it’s important, best practices, ways to nurture your list and what to do if it is far too long since you emailed them!