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I’ve spoken before about how much I love my new Shopify site.  Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Shopify apps, which I’ve used to personalise and make it my own.

All are free, but some have upgraded features which you need to pay for.


I first heard about Bonjoro on the Smart Passive Income podcast.  It’s basically an app that hooks up to your phone, where you can leave your customers a personalised video message. How cool is that?!  I’ll be honest, I feel very self-conscious doing it (and worry my eyes look weird, as I don’t know where to look!), but I equally love being able to thank my customers personally.  I don’t know of any other way of doing it and it feels really unique.

Tiny Chipmunk Bonjoro

Me in action!

Facebook Chat

I use Facebook Chat as an option on the store for customers to send me a message and get an (almost!) instant response!  I don’t tend to be in my inbox all day – but my Facebook messages do pop up. This means if a customer has a question they can ask right away and get a response.

Product Reviews Addon

Reviews are great for social proof and this app gives you the opportunity to get that, by having reviews posted on each product page. They’re really easy to add too.

Tiny Chipmunk product reviews screenshot

Sales Pop

Sales Pop is a little box that pops up to tell you what other customers have recently brought.  Apparently it’s good for social proof, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s pretty unintrusive and disappears after a few seconds.

Tiny Chipmunk Sales Pop Screenshot


I’m using Sumo to help build up my email list.  If you go to my website, a little box pops up asking if you want to subscribe.  (You can just as easily click no.) Hopefully it’s not too intrusive and I have seen my list build quickly in the month or so I’ve been using it.

There are literally thousands of Shopify apps out there. I’d love to know if you feel I’ve missed any of your favourites.  Comment below and let me know!

Tiny Chipmunk Sumo Screenshot