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If you’d like to create products to sell (in small, actionable steps) and do the majority of the work yourself, my online courses might be just what you need.

We won’t just work on sourcing or creating your idea – we’ll also look at whether there are customers out there to buy it and if it can be profitable.

Even if you have very little time to dedicate to this, you can take small steps, every day, and have your product ready to sell in under 6 weeks.

Best of all, once you know how to create a profitable product you can repeat the process time and time again…

You also have the option of weekly coaching calls to answer any questions, get additional 1:1 support from me, keep you accountable and on track!

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“Vicki was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

She is an expert in her field, incredibly knowledgeable about Amazon, fantastic copywriter and a great sounding board.

I will definitely be working with her again.”

Melanie P.