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Something I get asked a lot is what software I use and recommend when working with Amazon.  Over the years I’ve tried a lot – and my favourite is Jungle Scout.  I’ve been using it for years, ever since I first started selling on Amazon and I’m still using it daily to help other Amazon Sellers.

I guess a question you might have is, is Jungle Scout worth it?

I have both the Suite and the Chrome extension.  I’ll explain how I use both and you can then decide.

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How I use Jungle Scout

Finding product opportunities

You can use the opportunity finder to uncover high-demand, low-competition keywords to find products with maximum profit potential on Amazon.  This means finding products that are in high demand, but not many others (if anyone) are currently selling.

I don’t actually offer this service right now, partly because I feel that with this software it’s something you can easily do for yourself!

You basically use it to get ideas for products you could sell on Amazon, right now, that have high potential – as they’re being searched for, but competition from other sellers is low.

Researching product viability

If I’m researching whether there’s potential for a particular product to do well on Amazon (which I do as part of my Should You Sell Your Product on Amazon mini strategy sessions) I use the Chrome Extension to look into the product by searching for similar products on Amazon.

I can then see:

  • Product prices
  • Daily and monthly revenue
  • Best seller ranking
  • Number of reviews
  • How well optimised the other listings are 

You can even see an opportunity score, from 1-10 for that search term, based on demand versus competition.  This is a really simple way to get a good overview of the niche you’re looking at and figure out if there’s potential for your product to do well.

There’s also the Jungle Scout Amazon Sales Estimator (which is actually free – I’ve written about this before) that you can use to get an estimate of the total number of sales made based on the best seller ranking in a certain category.  While this is a good free tool, in my opinion, if you’re paying for all the other features you won’t need this one – as the Extension is much more accurate and tells you so much more.

Keyword research – for writing product listings and Amazon Sponsored Products

I use the Keyword Scout tool to research keywords to use in product listings and Amazon advertising campaigns. You can reverse-search existing ASINs (listings on Amazon) and compare related organic and sponsored keywords. You can also type in any search term / phrase, get the data for that, plus for other related searches.

You can find out how many searches each keyword / phrase gets per month, how competitive it is and what the Cost Per Click is likely to be if you run Sponsored Products ads.

You can use an advanced search to find the top-performing keywords for a group of competitor products and you can save your searches if you want to run them again.

Another feature is Rank Tracker which allows you to view ranking history for any keywords that you set up – which will let you know how those keywords perform over time.

Listing Builder

I don’t actually use this tool to write product listings – but I do use it to check how well optimised listings I’ve written are.  (I call it a final sense-check!)

You can use this tool to help you write your product listing, by creating a listing of keywords you want to include – which you may have got from the Keyword Scout and saved as a list.  The tool will then check you’ve included all the keywords you’ve chosen in your text.  It can also check that you’re within the character limits for each field.

You could then use the Listing Grader to look at your existing listings and find out how you can improve them.  This is really useful if you feel your listings should be getting more views, or converting better and you’re not sure why.  This could be a place to start.

Jungle Scout Tools I Don’t Currently Use

I’ll be honest, there are tools within JungleScout that I don’t use – mainly because I’m not selling on Amazon myself at the moment.

There’s a Supplier Database, where you can search for suppliers.  (You probably guessed that!)  To be honest, I think you’d be better using another sourcing portal / website as, when I looked into this, I think you get a lot more information on Alibaba (for example).

Then there’s Review Automation, which you can set up so JungleScout will automatically send review requests for your orders (if you’re signed up to the professional plan).  I used to use this feature when I was an Amazon Seller and I did find it to be useful.  By the way, this is compliant with Amazon’s rules, in case you were wondering!

You can look at your Sales Analytics and P&L, for any Amazon marketplaces you sell in.  Again, I don’t use this now, as I’m not currently selling on Amazon, however I have used it in the past and found it very useful.  Like most things, the more you put in, the more you get out, and you can enter all your product costs, to get a true idea of your margins when selling on Amazon.

You can manage your inventory and selling price – although, to be honest, there’s not much of an advantage over doing this within Amazon Seller Central.

Finally, you can sync your Amazon advertising campaigns and better understand how your advertising activities impact your sales and bottom line.

Would I recommend Jungle Scout to other Amazon Sellers?

It honestly depends on what you’re looking for.  If you plan on using all (or at least most of) the tools and your goal is to grow your business on Amazon it might be a good investment.  I used Jungle Scout daily when I was an Amazon Seller and continue to use it daily today to manage my client’s accounts.  I use it for all kinds of things – but the keyword research tools and Extension are what I use most often.

 You can sign up for the basic package, which is cheaper than the full suite, if you wanted to test out how much you’d use it.

However it might not be right for you if you’re just wanting to use it to research one product listing, for example and you wouldn’t use any of the additional features to manage and optimise your listing.

If you’re unsure, you always can sign up for a month’s trial and see how you get on.

Oh – and in case you’re thinking Why JungleScout rather than Helium 10, this is a good read!

Jungle Scout Pricing – Special Offers

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