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Showing up online. It’s something many of us grapple with. As product business owners, it often feels simpler to hide behind our creations. Yet, in today’s digital age, personal visibility is key to thriving in the marketplace.

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Helen Williams, a coach and the founder of Hey Helen Williams. Helen specialises in helping entrepreneurs transition to the online world, overcoming visibility blocks to ensure they are seen by the right audience, ultimately boosting their income.

The Fear of Putting Your Face on Social Media

Let’s face it, putting yourself out there on social media can be daunting. As business owners, we are often more comfortable letting our products speak for themselves. However, Helen believes this fear is more common than we think. She explained that many entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, struggle with the same issue. This fear is rooted in a variety of factors, from fear of judgement to impostor syndrome.

Why it’s Important to Show Your Face Online

Helen emphasises that showing your face online is crucial, even for product-based businesses. It humanises your brand and fosters a deeper connection with your audience. Customers are more likely to trust and engage with a brand that has a personal touch. They want to know the person behind the product. This connection can translate into customer loyalty and increased sales.


“Most of the time, the issues I encounter, especially with women, are about appearance concerns like, “What do I look like?” or “Am I having a bad day?” This fear prevents them from doing things that would benefit their business and connect with their audience. I feel it too, especially comparing myself to friends in sunnier places where it’s easier to look presentable. We often make excuses like bad hair days to avoid going live on social media, even though no one else would notice these things. We are often our own harshest critics.”

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Practical Strategies to Get Started

Overcoming the fear of visibility doesn’t happen overnight. Helen shared several practical strategies to help make the process more manageable and less intimidating:

Start Small and Gradual

Begin with small, manageable steps. You don’t need to launch into live videos or daily vlogs right away. Start with a simple photo of yourself and a short introduction. Gradually, you can build up more frequent and varied content.

Leverage Stories and Short Videos

Stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook are temporary and can be a less intimidating way to start showing your face. Short, informal videos can also be less pressure-filled than longer, more polished ones.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give your audience a glimpse behind the curtain. Show them how your products are made, the day-to-day operations of your business, or even a sneak peek into your personal life. This transparency can demystify your brand and make it more relatable.

Seek Support and Feedback

Engage with a supportive community. Whether it’s fellow entrepreneurs, a coach like Helen, or a trusted friend, having someone to provide encouragement and constructive feedback can be invaluable. They can offer a different perspective and help you stay motivated.


My conversation with Helen Williams was eye-opening. Her insights on overcoming visibility blocks and confidently showing up online are invaluable for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. By taking small, manageable steps, leveraging the power of social media stories, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and seeking support, you can start to break down the barriers holding you back.

Remember, your audience wants to connect with the person behind the product. Embrace the journey of becoming more visible online, and watch how it transforms your business.

You can find out more and listen to the full podcast episode here.

Helen Williams specialises in empowering entrepreneurs to overcome the fear and self-doubt that hold them back from posting online confidently. She guides clients step by step to create and share content consistently, tailored to their unique voice and style. Together, she works with clients to build their confidence and skills, helping them engage authentically with their audience and achieve their goals of growing their online presence and generating income.

As a member of the Association of British Mentors, Helen has turned her back on the corporate world and personally invested multiple five figures into coaching programs to level up her skills in mindset, small business setup, social media management, and coaching. She lives in the UK with her teenage son and little dog, Shadow.

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