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You may remember that in my post about a successful photoshoot I set myself the challenge of taking a photo of the towel box myself, once it had arrived.  Let’s see how my attempt at DIY photography went…

It came last week, a few days before a networking event, at which I planned to gift it – so time was short!  (Always a great motivator!)  It looks great in ‘real life’ by the way. It has a really high quality premium feel and is much sturdier than the original swaddle box.

Taking the photo

So, using these articles from Junglescout and Shopify for guidance, here’s my original photo:

I took it in my conservatory (figuring there’d be lots of natural light), on a white sheet (which perhaps needed an iron), using my smartphone.

In hindsight, I would have moved it around a little to get the best lighting and tried to remove any shadows.


I then used a free website called Background Burner to remove the background completely, so it’s completely white (as per Amazon’s standards).

This is really simple.  You just upload your photo and it automatically takes out the background.  You then have the option to manually select and cut out anything left behind.

On my photo it didn’t pick up that the shadow under the box was part of the background, so I removed that myself.

Here’s the finished photo.

Tiny Chipmunk towel box edited

What do you think?

In my opinion, it is a passable image and fits Amazon’s image guidelines.  However, I’m sure a professional could make it look much more appealing.

For a standard ‘box shot’ I think it does the job, however I think I’d either use a professional for any shots of the products, or spend a lot more time on perfecting the final images (perhaps paying more for some better editing software or tools).

For those of you wanting to experiment even more, I read an article on Junglescout today about DIY lifestyle product photography. If you try it out, let me know how you get on!