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A few weeks back I shared my business goals for 2019.  While these are obviously important, something I didn’t want to overlook is my personal goals related to my business / worklife.

By this I mean:

How I need to act / think and show up if I’m going to achieve all I aim to without compromising my health, family, social life or sleep!


My goals and ambitions for me as a person, and for my family.

Remember – you’re human

You also need to  think about yourself when you set business goals. Is there anything on your list you’re absolutely dreading?  Maybe you just already know you won’t have time for it this year. (Or perhaps ever.) Perhaps deep down you know you don’t want to!

If that’s the case, should it even be there?

As an example, I was thinking of setting up Twitter for Chipmunk Coach and holding Twitter chats.  Then I remembered, ‘Oh wait, I don’t even use Twitter or like Twitter.” (No offense, Twitter.) I do however love Instagram.  And, with limited time available, it makes more sense for me to focus on growing my following there.

There’s no point setting a goal for your business that doesn’t work for you as an individual – unless you have a team who can actually do the work for you!

I don’t mean to avoid things that scare you. Being stretched is good. Doing things that absolutely don’t work for you don’t!

Your goals need to be stretching, yet achievable and  things you actually want to do!

Remember you're human

Boundaries are important

It’s also worth thinking about how your business and your life to co-exist.  Some people like their work and their personal life to be completely entwined. Others need to be able to separate the two.

For me, I know I find it hard to switch off ‘Mum-brain’ when it’s time to work and vice-versa.

Before finalising my goals for the year, I  thought carefully about whether (based on my current situation – which of course can change) I have time for them.

I then thought about the boundaries I need to put in place to ensure I can achieve my business goals for the year, but also stay well-rested, with enough time to spend with my family.

My personal, business goals for 2019

  1. I won’t check emails once I’ve finished working for the day.  
  2. I won’t check emails first thing in the morning.
  3. I will choose the jobs and clients I take on wisely.
  4. I will charge appropriately for my time and expertise.
  5. I won’t book in calls, or appointments on days I have my children at home (unless absolutely necessary).
  6. I won’t work at all, at least one Friday a month.
  7. I’ll plan out my tasks, so I’m working to a schedule.  (Also scheduling in breaks!)
  8. I’ll create regular timeslots for regular tasks (such as writing this blog!)
  9. I’ll shut only check emails at set times – and keep notifications off.
  10. I’ll shut down tabs / applications that I’m not currently using, to create more headspace.

I’m not sure if these would be classed as goals, aspirations, or ways of working, but they work for me.

Have you thought about how your business goals for this year impact on the other areas of your life?  What measures have you put in place? I’d love to know!