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TITLE: 79 What to do when things go wrong on Amazon

Amazon is an amazing marketplace, but sometimes things can go wrong. A lot of people contact me when things have gone wrong, and they cannot figure out how to fix it. I also know lots of people who have given up selling on Amazon because they could not solve an issue.

I have sold on Amazon for a long time, so have plenty of experience with these things. I have found that most things are usually fixable. I wanted to share my tips and tricks for avoiding problems in the first place, and what to do if you do encounter them.

My aim isn’t to scare you – just to be honest, and let you know that although problems can occur, they can be overcome. 


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Listen in to hear me share:

  • Problems that can occur with listing your product (1:52)
  • Problems that can occur with reviews (05:45)
  • Problems that can occur with pricing (9:25)
  • How to avoid problems listing your product  (10:38)
  • How to avoid problems with shipping (12:07)
  • How to avoid problems with storage (13:48)
  • What to do if it does go wrong (18:20)



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