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Today my guest is Rosie Prosser from Corseside Nursery, an RHS gold medal winning succulent specialist based in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  Rosie manages the technology and marketing, while her mother contributes years of plant expertise. Together, they’ve crafted a unique online community, teaching their customers the art of succulent care, and helping a thriving business grow, which is strongly focused on recycling and reusing materials.

Rosie shares the strategies they use to manage sales across major online platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, explaining the challenges and lucrative aspects of each. We’ll discuss the art of selling succulents online, the importance of high-quality photos, and tricks of the trade for shipping plants. She’ll also give us a peek at how the pandemic sparked an evolution in their business model and how even traditionally offline customers have adapted to buying plants online.

There is lots to take away including how to use a combination of social media, email marketing and Facebook groups to nurture and build your customer base, and the delicate balance between business scalability and personal satisfaction.

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