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Handmade businesses – this is the episode for you!

Anna Panteli is an Etsy expert with loads to share!

Listen in to hear Anna share:

  • An introduction to herself, her business and background (1:19)
  • How and why she started selling on Etsy – and why she’s temporarily closed one of her 4 shops! (2:40)
  • How she keeps up with the making (8:00)
  • Her main learnings about Etsy over the past few years (10:28)
  • How and why she made the transition to helping other Etsy sellers, alongside managing her own shops (14:32)
  • The planners she’s created to help Etsy sellers stay organised (17:48)
  • Her tips for getting off to a good start on Etsy (23:46)
  • Her view on whether you need your own website as well as an Etsy shop (28:25)
  • The importance of using social media to drive traffic (32:05)
  • Why you might need more than one Etsy shop if you sell items targeting different customers (35:27)
  • All about Etsy ads (38:14)
  • Her number one piece of advice for Etsy sellers (42:48)


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How to sell on Etsy - with Anna Panteli, Anna’s Planners INTRO (00:00:08):

Welcome to the, bring your product ideas to life podcast, practical advice, and inspiration to help you create and sell your own physical products. Here's your host, Vicki Weinberg,

Vicki Weinberg (00:00:20):

Anna Panteli Is a Etsy handmade your resale of six years and also handmade business expert who creates downloadable resources for handmade businesses. So I invited Anna wants to the podcast this week to talk specifically about Etsy and Anna is an Etsy experts. She knows so much about the platform. I know that many of you have had maybe businesses or perhaps aspire to have a handmade business. And if Etsy is a marketplace that you're looking at that I think this is definitely the episode for you. Anna has so much advice and knowledge and wisdom to share with us. And our focus is on getting people up and running on Etsy and selling really well. So I think you've really enjoyed this episode and take a lot from it.

Vicki Weinberg (00:01:01):

So I'd love to introduce you to Anna

Anna Panteli (00:01:02):

Say hi, Anna. Thank you so much for being here. Thank You so much for having me on. It's great to meet you.

Vicki Weinberg (00:01:09):

You too. So can we start by you giving us an introduction to yourself, your business and what it is the easy place?

Anna Panteli (00:01:14):

Yes. So my name's Anna, I I'm an Etsy handmade jewelry seller of six years. I'm currently pivoting my business into the sort of digital space. I've been what an inverted commerce, a handmade business expert for a few years now. And I actually thought that I was going to develop courses, but it's in the roundabout way with 2020 things have to change. So I'm actually now creating downloadable resources for handmade sellers to basically help them to sell successfully online. So I'm a mommy of two.

Anna Panteli (00:01:54):

So I'm having to do all those things whilst also homeschooling being in the house all the time. There's been a bit of a struggle, but you know, cracking on things, hopefully returning to normal. But yeah, that's, that's kind of me in a nutshell. Well,

Vicki Weinberg (00:02:10):

Thank you. And yeah, there certainly is a lot going on at the moment. Isn't there, it's the context for people listening? Cause I don't know whether you'll be listening to this. We are recording this in February, 2021. I have to think about Ben didn't even know what say it was, but it's still February. So thank you so much for

the introduction at us. If you don't mind, maybe we can start at the beginning and talk about how you, how, or maybe why you got started on Etsy originally and then we'll, we'll go from there if that's okay.

Anna Panteli (00:02:38):

Yeah, that's fine. So it's a bit of a winding story as it usually is. I worked in sales and marketing and basically the corporate world since well, since I was 18, really, and I have a condition called fibromyalgia. So I don't know if you know about that, but it's basically suffering with chronic pain. So having a nine to five, quite stressful, hectic job and fibromyalgia mixed together, they're not really compatible. And when I fell pregnant with my son, my first child, after having him, my pain got increasingly worse.

Anna Panteli (00:03:22):

And the stress of thinking of going back to work made everything a lot worse. So my sister and I, whilst I was a maternity leave, kind of came up with this plan that, you know, we'll start an online shop. And we did, it was called shopper, Ellie Ellie beam, the last three letters of our surname. And we basically sold not handmade, but necklaces and scarves and handbags and things like that. And we did, we did quite well, but it wasn't, it wasn't an income. It wasn't comparable income basically.

Anna Panteli (00:04:03):

So when 2000, that was in 2014, when 2015 rolled around at the beginning of the year, whilst I was on the wholesaler's website, making a new purchase order, I came across these gemstones and I've always been a bit of a market pie and I'm quite woo. I like my tarot, a lot more crystals, things like that. So I saw these gemstones and I thought, and they would drill. They already had holes in and I thought, Hmm, I could probably make some necklaces out of those. This is somebody who's not, not really a creative person with their hands because of having pain. That's never really been something, everybody in my family's creative, I am the black sheep.

Anna Panteli (00:04:44):

I do not do anything crafty as a child, as a young adult, but I thought, okay, I'll, I'll maybe make some, some jewelry out of these gemstones. So a boatload of crystals and I learned from YouTube videos, how to wire up and, and just basically basic necklaces and on that process of, and I put them on the website, but on the process of kind of coming across these gemstones, I don't really know how I came across Etsy, but I did at sea in 2015 is not well-known. Now everybody knows about Etsy, but in 2015, nobody knew about Etsy. So I just happened across this website and the fees were really low and I thought, I might as well just put them on there because obviously these are handmade pieces.

Anna Panteli (00:05:31):

So my sister, at that point, it also got another job. So we closed down the main site and I decided to focus completely on Etsy, which is where you were in gems started. So this was now 2015 and it really took off. And it, it basically, they started to almost much my income that had had in the corporate world. So I quit that

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