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If you’re selling on Amazon or plan to do so in the near or distant future, one of your primary goals is likely to be securing a place on the first page of search results for relevant terms. This goal is well-founded because when users search for something related to your product, you want to appear on that coveted first page.

Research indicates that products on the initial page receive a minimum of 80% of all clicks, with the top three listings accounting for 60% of those clicks. To put it simply, being on the first page is crucial, and the higher your position on that page, the better. Think of your own shopping habits – how often do you venture beyond the initial search results page?

In this episode I share my top tips for ranking higher on Amazon from explaining how the algorithm works to talking you through step by step writing  your product description. There is an accompanying blog post to this episode, and if you would like any further support please do get in touch. 

Listen in to hear me share:

  • The benefits of ranking higher on Amazon (00:50)
  • How the Amazon algorithm ranks products (02:41)
  • A9 The Amazon Algorithm and how it differs to Google (03:33)
  • The factors that influence how you rank (05:26)
  • Make sure you have a great product listing (08:49)
  • Step by step instructions on how to write your product listing (12:08)
  • What A Plus content is and how it can help (14:47)
  • How to get your first sales to boost your ranking (17:46)
  • The importance of sharing your Amazon product listing on social media and with your friends and family (21:54)
  • The importance of product reviews and how to get them (23:52)
  • The most important things to do (26:31)
  • How I may be able to help you (25:12)



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