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My guest today is Jennifer Cooper from Jennifer Cooper Timesaver. Jenny  is a timesaving business mentor and strategist. She empowers purpose led entrepreneurs to achieve more in their business by being savvy with tech, growing their visibility and detangling mindset blocks. With over 20 years of business and retail experience, Jenny combines compassionate mentoring, custom solutions and commercial know-how to help you grow a profitable, feel good business.

Jenny is the founder of Team Timesaver, who specialise in providing done for you business services, covering social media, email list & podcast management, website tweaks and business management tool set ups.

Jenny is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and founders how they can leverage the rapid advancements in AI in their business, suggesting use cases and opportunities you may never have considered

Jenny shares how AI can not only save time in business but help you tackle a whole variety of tasks, including procrastination. Jenny shares how small businesses can use AI to even the odds against bigger players with more resources. It was an eye-opening talk. I learned a lot and got some great new ideas on how I can use AI in my business, that I can’t wait to try out. 

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