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If you’ve ever heard me talk before you’ll know that I think creating and selling products is a good income stream.  

In this, shorter than usual, episode I sum up 2020, from my experience and talk a little about 2021.

Listen in to hear:

  • A summary of 2020 for retail and products businesses.
  • Why more people are now shopping online.
  • Why this means more people are also selling their products online.
  • Some of the challenges around so many new sellers starting on Amazon.
  • Why I still believe you can do really well selling products in 2021 – with some caveats of course!
  • How I can help you, if creating a physical product is something you’re interested in.


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eate your physical product in:INTRO (:

Welcome to the Bring Your Product Ideas to Life podcast. Practical advice and inspiration to help you create and sell your own physical products. Here is your host Vicki Weinberg.

Vicki Weinberg (:. So happy new year and happy:Vicki Weinberg (:I ever put out back in March,:Vicki Weinberg (:ine compared to this time in:Vicki Weinberg (:

And I've got a lot of the results depending and none we are the same, but every were seem to agree. There's this increase. So more people are shopping online now than there were at a year ago or two years ago. And I mean, I guess that's completely, you know, probably obvious. You'll probably thinking of what you said in the us as we could have guessed that. Yeah. I mean, so many retail stores are closed or had to shut down during

lockdown is of course more people have started buying online. And that also means on the other side of it is that more people are now selling products online. So there were some physical stores and

they'll set on the line that didn't used to. So places that perhaps only had a physical shop and I was selling what Why via our website.

Vicki Weinberg (:who have joined Amazon UK in:Vicki Weinberg (:in the last Your, it just in:Vicki Weinberg (:

And it also shows you how many new sellers there are on all of the other Amazon marketplaces as well, which I also think as useful because it depends on where you're listening to this or what your plans are. Perhaps Amazon is something you're interested in or if it is, do I go back and listen to the episode I did a few weeks ago about selling on Amazon and you might find that kind of information. USEFUL say it was coming back too, sort of retail and products. So a lot first year or this year, actually we still see 1,020 as a record. This my aim business, tiny chipmunk, which is my Bambi baby products business actually did. OK. When we went into lockdown in the UK, which was at the end of March and my sales actually picked up, I think April and may with some of the best months I'd ever done, particularly on Amazon.

Vicki Weinberg (:

And I think this was probably helped by the fact that I sell baby products. And obviously baby's just keep being born even during pandemics. And also Amazon restricted to products that sellers could send into FBA, which is fulfilled by Amazon and baby products with one of the categories are excepted. So he had a bit of luck there in that I could still send my products in to Amazon to fulfill for me. And while, luckily for me at the beginning of this year, I'd actually changed my fulfillment model. And I've had, do you have a fair party Wearhouse? It does some of my distribution. So they actually could have carried on for getting all this for me, even ones that go on Amazon as they do now, when Amazon doesn't have the stock for a particular product or a particular variation, you know, some of my bowls and plates that come in lots of different colors,

some of them are in the Amazon warehouse and some of them aren't, but, and they all still get it for free or day.

Vicki Weinberg (:

But I think that being able to have that prime badge and to be able to get products well, I was going to say a slightly quicker, I don't know if you are finding, but at the moment I'm finding the Amazon isn't actually as quick as it used to be. And possibly my own distribution is as quick, but then there is the perception. Amazon prime is perhaps a little bit in a little faster. I definitely think that that was one of the reasons why I continued to do well even at the beginning of this year and I fully appreciate it. And I think I've said this a few times that I was lucky, a lot of this is pure luck. If I've been selling in a different category, if you know, I've had a different kind of product that, you know, this we did, it was just willing to be in the case, if it was pure luck, if it wasn't anything on my dead.

Vicki Weinberg (:

And I know that some people had been equally unlucky. So for example, I had a client selling suitcases and obviously people aren't traveling as much now. So therefore people aren't buying seek suitcases. So their sales are obviously really suffered as a result. And then what else happened this year? So there was an influx of new products I'm talking about. Aberdeen is specifically again now, but also, you know, you would of seen a lot of these products or other market places to, you know, play such as Etsy or on the high streets. So I'm thinking about things like Masque and the antibacterial SYEP umm, and on the subject of Amazon I'm in case, you know, this is something you're interested in. I can tell you that lots of products now have the restrictions or require approval, which makes it even harder to sell them, but also even harder to sell products that sound like they might need people who, for example, because they happened to be in the healthcare category.

Vicki Weinberg (:

So I think some of the many new sellers at this year started to have a necessity because if you can't sell your products in person anymore, so it may be always sold it in a physical store or maybe you always took your products to market places. Then obviously you needed to find other channels. I also think some new people started selling products this year to change their business model. For example, I have clients who couldn't run and face to face workshops or classes anymore. And so we pivoted that business to include products that they can sell. So, and I'm just mentioning that to show you that while it's been a tough year, I think it really has been a tough year. I still think there are plenty of opportunities to create products that sell.

Vicki Weinberg (:So in:

that there's less money to spend, which I think is possibly, you know, a tree for some and not for others. But I do you think that people are thinking extra careful about what we spend our money on and where we spend our money? I think supporting small businesses is something that more of us would like to do because it's more businesses have suffered a lot.

Vicki Weinberg (:t there. I still feel that in:Vicki Weinberg (:well. I still believe that in:Vicki Weinberg (:

So why not? You, if you've always dreamt of creating your own products and selling your own products, but perhaps you for a while, I don't know because you know, it had been a tough year and our people are still buying and due. They want, why do you know what I'm saying? As long as your product relevant and you know, and you validate your idea, then why not? Why not you and why not? Now, if not now when that's the mantra that I quite liked. So if you want any help of this then, okay, there's just this couple of ways that I can help you say, if you go through the back catalog of this podcast, if you haven't listened to already, and even if you have listened to it, where do you, you might wanna listen to them. So a lots of episodes that we have lots of practical advice that will help you. I also have a blog that you can look at, which is blog dot Vicki Weinberg dot com and a product creation checklist.

Vicki Weinberg (:

Talk to you for all of the stages that you need to go through. And so you can literally work for you for

everything and take them off as you go. If you want a little bit more help, I'm going to be relaunching in my product creation course, fairly sane. And this takes you through every stage of the product creation process in real detail. So we are going to be real detail on every single thing. And you also get the opportunity to join a Facebook group that goes along with that. So if there is any, you know, thing, you, you are still not sure about, or even for going through the course, you are not alone. You can contact me at any point and I can help you through these. I'm also going to be launching a new small group program where we will go through the same course. Content is the coarse perhaps slightly updated.

Vicki Weinberg (:

But if, you know, if the new year in real-time with the opportunity to ask questions and things like that. And so these will be, this will be a virtual, a program that we done over zoom. And then we have a small group of people and myself, and I'll be talking you through each module. We I can give you feedback on the work that you've done so far. And yeah, the idea of it is that we work through it together. So you've got real time support. So I'm going to link to some more information to both of these options in the show notes. And you can also go to for details. thank you so much for your time. And as I say, normal service will resume next week, we have another fantastic interview from another product creator that as always, I hope helps and inspires you say where ever you are listening and have a lovely week take care and speak soon.