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Welcome to the, Bring Your Product Ideas To Life podcast, practical advice, and inspiration to help you create and sell your own physical products. Here's your host Vicky Weinberg. Hi. So you are getting, um, two podcast episodes from me today. Uh, you are receiving this extra episode, this little bonus in your feed, because I wanted to talk to you about my group product creation program, which opens today. So the program is to help you, if you have an idea for products and you want to have it ready to sell by the end of the year. And so I wanted to do a really short podcast episode to tell you more about what it is what's included, what the cost of the program is, who it's for, and then answer some common. So in terms of what it is, this is a program where I'll take a small group, maximum five people. We'll have weekly group calls where I'll talk through everything you need to do each week to have a physical product ready to sell by the end of this year. And I'll set you some homework to do in between calls. So you'll have the weekly calls with me, so you can get super clear in what you need to do. Ask any questions. I maybe share things with a group. You will have weekly tasks during your own times, keep moving forward and you'll get a lot of accountability. So I will help you stay on track. I'll hope you stay motivated, even when things get difficult. Um, I will also be massive cheerleader for you as well. So, and on top of that, you will also get a small supportive group to work alongside and the opportunity to learn a process that will make launching any new products, much easier in the future. So, as I said, there'll be weekly calls that they're going to be on a Monday and we'll start on the 19th September and run through to 21st of November with a break in October for the half term. And every week I'm gonna cover off a step of the process in detail. I'm gonna answer any questions you have and keep you moving forwards. As I mentioned, the group is gonna be capped at five this time round to allow everyone to have plenty of time. This is the first time running this program, and I'm really keen to make sure that everyone has lots of time with. We're not just gonna work on sourcing or creating your products. Although of course we will spend lots of time doing this. We're also going to spend time researching your ideal customer. We're gonna look at the market. We're gonna look at your competition, where to sell your product, how to price it and how to market and launch it. So it's gonna be really comprehensive. The cost of the program is a one off payment of 395 pounds. Um, this might seem expensive, but I should say this is significantly cheaper than other ways of working with me. So if a comparison, a one hour product creation, power hour is currently a hundred pounds. And if I were to do everything I've outlined in the course for you, it would actually cost you well over a thousand pounds. I'll be honest. I haven't even added it up. It would be a lot. And this is actually also a reduced price. As it's mentioned before, this is the first time I'm running in this program and the cost will go up the next time I offer it, which is likely to be sometime in early to spring to 2023. So this is a really good chance to get your products ready to sell and start making money. Much sooner, and you get a good discount to, so in terms of who the program's for, if you have a great idea for a product to sell, but you don't know exactly what's involved, then I think this would be a good fit for you. Even if you've created products before, I still think you can benefit from learning a step by step process, because it will ultimately save you both time. And. and I think it's perfect for you if any of the following apply. So maybe if you force about selling your own products, so you can make some income working flexibly from home. So perhaps you are a parent and you're looking to start up something new, or maybe you've already have a full time role when you want to. Try doing something on the side. Um, perhaps you already have a business, maybe it's a service business and you want to add something new to, to the mix. Maybe there's a product you feel would really compliment the services you offer. Um, and on top of that, I guess you need to be prepared to do a little bit of work every week towards making your product idea a reality. Now it might not be right for you if you don't have a couple of hours a week spare, or if. Or, or if you would prefer to pay someone else to do it for you, and by the way, there's no judgment here at all. I completely understand it actually for you. It may be so much easier to outsource all of this. If you don't have a small amount of money to invest in product samples, prototypes and stock, again, this might not be the right time for you because we are, we are gonna be doing everything in real time. So from looking for manufacturers, ordering samples, getting prototypes, ready, um, I mean, we don't know what the lead times will be, obviously until we get started, but we're gonna try our best to actually go through the process and get due to the position where you're ready to actually make an order. Um, so if you don't have a little bit of. Aside to, you know, to spend on it. Um, you might wanna think about whether this is the right timing for you. I still think it could be a great program, but you might want to think about whether you're ready to do it right now. and again, I don't think it's for you, if you are looking for like a get quick, a get rich quick scheme. Um, and the reason I say this is, yeah, you might get rich from this. I really, if that's what you want, I hope you do, but this course is more about teaching you the skills to create something from scratch and making sure that you understand everything that's involved and created a product to sell. And that. You know, you and you do follow out every step. Um, I cannot guarantee that your product is going to make you an instant, you know, it's gonna make you rich instantly. Obviously, if it does, that's marvelous, but that is not what this is about. Um, you need to be prepared to put the work in, and obviously we can do a lot of work and to check in whether your product is viable, whether it's something that people might buy, make it, we're gonna make it the best that we can together. We are gonna do all of that, but still we, there is. Guarantees. So I just wanna caveat. So, um, I now wanna just cover a few common concerns and my response to them in case that helps you. So the first concern is it's expensive. So as I said earlier, it will be more expensive. Next time I run it and I have actually made this as affordable as I possibly can. However, I do know it's still not an insignificant amount of money, especially as there will be other costs involved in creating a product to sell. However, it is an investment. So not only will you have a product to sell at the end of this program, you'd also learn a process that you can use again and again, to launch new products. And I do feel that investing in this. Will actually save you money by helping you get your product on sale sooner, because there's nothing to figure out. You don't need to go away and Google things or spend hours on YouTube, which is exactly what I did six years ago when I was getting started, because we'll go through the exact steps you need to take every week. Um, And creating a product to sell is ultimately going to cost you money. And I can't tell you how much, because it's like how long is a piece of string, but I genuinely do believe that the time you'll save doing it within this group will save you time and money in the long run. If that makes sense. So the second concern is I don't have enough time. So I mean, you might be really busy right now, which I totally get. And maybe you're not sure you want to add something else to your plate, which is again, completely understandable. I mean, we all have so much going on and I mean, there are people that are way busy than I am. I. I really know that. However, if you really want to get your product ready to sell this year, I do think this is one of the quickest ways you can do it because there'll be no time wasting. We're only gonna focus on what you actually need to do at that moment in time. There won't be any thinking ahead or worrying about the next step before we get there. You'll need to commit a few hours a week on average, to come along to the calls or listen to the replays. If you can't make the calls and carry out the task for the week, however, much of what you can, what must much of what you need to do can be done in really small bite size chunks of time. Um, I created my first product round a newborn and a toddler. So I know it can be done cause that's exactly how I did it. I had 20 minutes here and there. I had a list of things to do, and I just used to work through them and we'll be taking a very similar approach. So the third concern is it's not the right time for me. So maybe you're wondering, is this the right time for you to join the program? You've heard me say I'm gonna run it again. Next year is next year, a better time for you all I'll say here is the sooner you launch your product. The sooner you can sell it, the sooner people can benefit from it. And the sooner you can make some money from it. And the cost of this course will go up. Next time I offer, I offer it and I'm not one for a hard sell. So I'm not gonna say much about this. I I'm just gonna leave you with a question, which. If not now when, and I'm gonna just, as I say, not one for hard sell, I'm gonna leave that there. Cause I think only, you know, the answer to that question, the fourth concern is I don't have an idea for a product and maybe this is something that's concerning. You. I'll be honest, you do need some kind of idea or a few ideas, even if they're not fully fulled to get the most out of this group. Although if you have listened to me so far, you know, I think we're 10 minutes in now. If you've listened this far, I do think it's for a reason. I think there's. Definitely an idea inside you. Um, I do have another podcast episode or a blog post that might help you clarify it. And if it's something you want to talk through before committing, you could also book a call in with me and we could have a call before you even get started and maybe work through your idea a bit more, if that would be helpful. And you can find out more about that on my website, Vicky And the fifth objection is I just don't know if it's right for me. Um, and that's fair. You know, you might be thinking, is this program. You know, the right fit for me at all. And I definitely don't want you to invest time and money if it's not. Um, you've heard me say this on this podcast. If you know me, you will know I'm not a hard sell person. I will tell you if I think something's not right for you. Um, and we covered earlier who I think the program is for, I guess I should just say that you don't need any specific experience or equipment. So if you thinking it's not the right fit is around you thinking you don't have the right background, you don't have the right skills. You don't have the right experience. Don't worry about any of that. You don't, you don't need anything. All you need is some time, some commitment. Um, I will provide accountability if you provide the rest. And as I mentioned earlier, you will need a little bit to invest in getting your products idea off the ground. And if you are still not sure, just contact me and ask, you can let me know your situation and anything you're concerned about. And I'll let you know, truthfully whether I think you'd benefit from joining and whether I think you'd benefit from joining now, cuz it might be, we have a chat and think actually, okay. Maybe you would be better joining next year or at some point in the future. And I will be really honest with you about. So I really hope this short episode has told you a little bit more about the program what's involved. What's included and answered some of your questions and concerns as well. If there's something that I haven't answered, then please just get in touch. It's Vicky and that's Vicky with an i And I will do my best to help you out answer any questions that you have. And if you are getting excited about getting your product ready to sell, and you would like to join a program, then you. Get there from my bio or again, from my website, Vicky And I'm really looking forward to working with you, to bring your products idea to life. Thank you so much for listening right to the end of this episode. Do remember that you can get the full back catalogue and lots of free resources on my website, Vicky Please do remember to rate, um, of you this episode, if you've enjoyed it and also share it with a friend who you think might find it useful. Thank you again and see you next week.